Xcat AT

Generator capacity  : 3W

Generator capacity High-frequency   : 1W

Generator capacity Negative-ion    : 1W

High-frequency generator: 27KHz - 55Khz

Continuous operation 24h/day.

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- Transmission of electronic signals through the system electric  in the house

by short pulses and hight intensity only animals such as mouse, cockroaches,

spiders, insects harmful hear ...and that to go elsewhere..


- Xcat AT produced with advanced techniques without causing adverse

effects to human health and the household pets such as cats, dogs, fish ....


- Xcat AT emits negative ions, electrically charged atoms is generated in the

process of natural lightning. Making mouse, cockroaches, spiders and other

pests ... fear of changing weather weather to go elsewhere shelter.


- Xcat AT emits negative ions work to clean the air, odor, smoke removal,

remove dirt and bacteria in the air which it to become fresh, cool, clean.


- Generator capacity  : 3W


- Generator capacity High-frequency   : 1W


- Generator capacity Negative-ion    : 1W


- High-frequency generator : 27KHz - 55Khz


- Voltage: 220 / 50Hz


- Product standard ISO 5699 - 1:2010.


- Compact design can be plugged into any socket in the house.


- Continuous operation 24h/day.


- Warranty 12 months.

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